Thursday, April 9, 2015

I am no longer throwing my produce away

Over the weekend I was down to the powder of both my fuji apples and raspberries. I usually use the powder for a healthy smoothie, but we had lots of vanilla ice cream so I decided to make a shake. And boy was it yummy. 

I love that I use the entire can of my Thrive foods. Nothing is ever thrown away. No more bad spinach in the trash or rotten berries the the day after I buy them.

And that is rewarding.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Good Things Utah Demo!


Monday evening I checked my email to find the producer from Good Things Utah was asking if I'd fill in for a food demo Wednesday of this week! I immediately said yes, and then the reality hit. What was I saying yes to?? Going on TV and cooking! I am anything but a chef. Or a TV star. But I love this product so much and I want people to know about it! 

So here it is if you missed it. And I'm so happy Michelle Money was there with me. She totally loved the idea of not wasting food by using Thrive Life and after the show she even ate that quiche we made. We're basically best friends now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A new outlook on food

I hate wasting food. I cringe when I buy fruits and vegetables - because I want to be healthy - and then I end up throwing 80% of it away. Did you know Americans waste 25-40% of the food they buy!? Are you kidding me?!

I never liked to cook because I didn't want to throw away leftovers and I hate chopping onions. And I stopped buying healthy snacks because all of my fruits and veggies went in the trash.

Then I had a child and I realized I needed to give her healthy options. She couldn't live off of cheese and crackers and Diet Coke. And I would see all these moms spend hours cutting fruits and veggies for their kids. Making homemade baby food from start to finish. Washing, peeling, cutting, steaming, blending, freezing, thawing. Why couldn't I do that? 

So I tried really hard. I would buy berries and half of the container would be moldy when I got home. I would buy bananas and eat two and throw away 3 after they molded on my counter waiting to be turned into banana bread. I would buy canned beans and carrots with all the added salt because it was better than nothing right? I bought frozen veggies that ended up getting freezer burn. I bought fruit cups soaked in sugary syrup. I was running out of options.

It just wasn't working, but I lived with it because I didn't know the solution.

Well there is a solution. Freeze dried. It's revolutionary. It is not dehydrated. Freeze dried doesn't shrink and then swell in your stomach. No heat is applied so no nutrition is lost. 

Freeze dried can be eaten dry as snacks. Or rehydrated for meals and desserts. It is real food! No supplement powders or pills. No preservatives. Non GMO and MSG free! And most are Gluten free too (including sauces!) The food is picked when it's ripe and freeze dried the same day! All the nutrients and all the flavors. and NO WASTE!

Here is a photo of all the freeze dried food we have eaten in our home the last 5 months that are now empty cans! And I threw nothing away. (except the handful of mixed fruits when Maggie dumped them all over the Old Navy dressing room).

If you are interested in trying this yummy food contact me for a food demo! You can find out more here

Monday, December 1, 2014

On Being Perfect

Yesterday during the 3rd hour of church our Bishop gave one of those "call to repentance" lessons, but he did it with so much love that I saw a glimpse of myself the way Heavenly Father sees me. The spirit taught me a lot that hour, so I came away wanting to write my thoughts on perfection.

Perfection according to the world's standards (from a young mother's perspective)

career choice
being an extrovert
working mom
stay at home mom
photography skill
being witty

body type
working out
what you make for dinner
hair style/color
getting rid of wrinkles
children's attire
children's personality
family lifestyle
adult toys
home decor
being put together at all times
pop culture knowledge
social media appearance
date night
family outings
name brand anything
apple products
eating out
athletic abilities
mall shopping
thrift shopping
boutique shopping
social media comments
family pictures

Perfection according to God's standards

obedience to the commandments
daily communication to Heavenly Father
making and keeping covenants
having faith
sacrament meeting attendance
perfect in trying
asking for forgiveness
scripture study
strengthening relationships 
being a missionary
consecrating your talents
being an example

It's not the second list that keeps me down. It's the first. And sometimes it's easy to miscategorize items from the first list, putting them in the second. And then we become frustrated with the church and with faith, when it's not the culprit.

I know I am guilty of it. And this December I want to focus on the gift our Savior gave each of us. His life. So we could live. And not just live, but live happy. That happiness begins with focusing on the Lord's standards and not the worlds.

"Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect" (Matt 5:48)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Maggie's First Steps

Only a few weeks of living in our first home, Maggie took her first steps. And I missed it. But grandma was a fabulous teacher and Maggie was ready to show off when I got home. 

Today I watched a segment on Studio 5 where Shelby Osmond talked about creating home videos. And a spark was ignited. 

I pulled out my MacBook from 2007. 

I downloaded software to allow me to flip the videos in iMovie HD.

Said software will probably give me a virus. Although I probably already have one.

When I was almost done, iMovie "unexpectedly closed." and I had a mild melt down when it didn't save.

But I was determined. So I started over.

And here it is.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's a new home

Buying a home is terrifying. But exhilarating and exciting and makes me feel like a real grow up. We've been in our home a week now and things are coming together. Maggie LOVES the space she has to explore and play. And we love watching her learn. She loves dogs and says "ruu ruu ruu" when she sees them and any other animal. She loves pointing at the lights and is getting very good at saying "ight" but hasn't quite mastered the "l" at the beginning. Daddy is also teaching her the word "door." 

When I was younger we would occasionally miss photo ops on holidays. When this happened we would have to pose later when we were all together and dressed cute so my mom could scrapbook the photos. Well Brandon and I did that with Maggie this morning in front of our old house. Even though we moved last week. We had to document Maggie's first home. It's been a good place for us. Great area and even greater neighbors, some of which will be lifelong friends. Springville Twin you were good to us. Glad we can visit our cousins that will be moving in this week. Bryan and Jessie, you will love it there. 

It's hard to not want everything new in a new home, so I've done my best with what I already have. I moved stuff around and added a few new things from Ikea. I have yet to hang anything, but I'm still figuring that stuff out. 

Got this little stack of books from the Salt Lake City library book sale this past spring. The entry table was being stored at my parents' home for a few months. I got it from the amazing Vivian at Perfect Pallet. 

We bought our first couches as a late anniversary gift and we love them. They are cute for me and long enough for Brandon.  Pillows are a mix of Joss and Main, Ikea, and Ashley Furniture (came with the couch). Both side tables and coffee table are straight from the 50s and we love them. We love grandparent hand me downs. 

Top shelf box from my mom which originally came from her mom(?) Oil lamp from girls camp a decade or so ago. Books from DI. Yellow box from Ikea. 

Tin from my grandma. I love this so much.  

A view of the kitchen with my Norwex towel that I want 10 more of! And one of the drawer pulls we chose from Ikea...just need to finish the other 50+. 

Bowls and butter dish from Thai Pan. The wooden spoons and utensil pot were wedding gifts. I used to have all my big utensils in that but love the look of just the wooden ones. Oh and my white quartz countertops are my favorite. 

Let's just say making your bed with the top sheet only is life changing. Black and white pillow covers $5 from Ikea. 

Shelf in Maggie's room. Top left book from my grandma, given to me 27 years ago. She said the little girl looked like me. And she looks like Maggie too so it's perfect. 

So there's just a few glimpses of the new house. It's bitter sweet moving but we are excited to make new memories here and keep all the memories we made there. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Every night for the past week Colonel Brandon and I have had a similar discussion. This discussion asks questions, finds answers, bears testimony, explains frustrations, and reaffirms beliefs. 

Then today I found this little story and thought it applied perfectly to the swarm of negativity in articles, posts, and comments regarding the LDS church and the doubts and the frustrations and the history and the peace and the anxiety and the love and the questions and the leaders and on and on and on. 

So which wolf are you allowing to win the battle?

Do what makes YOU feel right. Forget everyone else. Don't pull anyone with you to either side. Just live your life with love and compassion. Don't blame. Don't judge. Don't hate. Don't manipulate. Do what's right for you and let others do what's right for them. Trust God and take questions to Him. Not social media. And don't spread the doubt. Don't feed the wolf that is mean and bitter. WHICHEVER SIDE you are on, be kind and compassionate. Feed the wolf of love and humility. 

The end.